Below are photographs of the books, "The Life of Rufus Putnam" (1886) and "Wagons Away! a social studies primer," (1941)

Many years ago, before I realized the value of books, my grandmother, Florence Burlingame Taylor,handed me these irreplaceable volumes, thinking that I would treasure and protect them as she had done.

The Mary Cone book was already old (published in 1883) when Gramma gave it to me and it was only by some divine providence that I was able to hold on to all the books through the fifteen or so moves I made in forty total years of marriage.

A few years ago "The Life of Rufus Putnam" was so near complete disintegration that the only way to save it was to have each page enclosed in plastic. The pages had become so brittle that they would fairly fall apart when handled.

There is also a clipping here that Gramma Taylor taped in the front of one of the Phillips "Wagons Away!" books. The newspaper clipping is from the Marietta Times, June 18, 1954, on the 250th anniversary of Sutton, Mass.

Fortunately, I still have two copies of "Wagons Away!" and, of course the Rufus Putnam book, and it will be up to the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Florence Taylor who will inherit them all.

Frontispiece of 'The Life of Rufus Putnam,' by Mary Cone  Table of Contents for Part I  Table of Contents for Part 2  'Wagons Away!' a Social Studies primer, 1941

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Grave marker for Rufus Putnam, Mound Cemetary, Marietta Ohio

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