Photo collage taken at the 1790's home of Rufus Putnam, Marietta Ohio

Rufus Putnam, 1738-1824


Campus Martius


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This web site is dedicated to

  • General Rufus Putnam, Revolutionary War veteran, surveyor, founder of Marietta, Ohio, our ancestor, and
  • Florence B. Taylor, my grandmother, and
  • Margery Estelle Young, my mother

    Here you will find...

  • "The Memoirs of Rufus Putnam," his life story, compiled by Mary Cone, 1886.
  • Putnam descendants - our family, and
  • Photos of Campus Martius Museum, in Marietta, Ohio

  • Wagons Away! a social studies primer on the early 1790's settlement of the Western Reserve (Ohio). This wonderful, easy-to-read story is told through the experience of the real Benjamin Stone who - in 1791 - was age 9 and, with his family, made the rugged trip from Rutland, Massachusetts, to the Ohio Territory. Benjamin's family found Marietta and Belpre, Ohio freshly constructed, there on the banks of the Ohio River.

    Florence and sister, Mary, Burlingame

  • The writings of
    Florence Burlingame Taylor

    ... Her life story ,
    ... Her Descendants,
    ... The "BY-WAYS ," the Saltsburg Press newspaper columns and her...
    ... Poems - written over her lifetime.

    John & Dianne

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  • Putnam home, encased in the Campus Martius Museum

    Rufus Putnam's home in Marietta,  OH,  now completely enclosed in the Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, Ohio

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