God made a world - a lovely habitation
For man, with man His first creation.
(It matters not that beast came first, or man;
We know that man comes first in God's great plan)
He carpeted the earth with restful green,
And everywhere could lovely flowers be seen,
To feed man's soul with beauty. In the air
He placed the birds, to give sweet music rare.
He filled the earth with every living thing
That swims, or crawls, or walks, or goes on wing
Some, beautiful; some made for burden crude,
And many more, to furnish warmth and food.

Then, finally, He said, "I must make one
To be a friend to man 'til earth is done -
A creature who will teach man loyalty;
Who, by his trust, will build man's faith in Me."
And so, to lift man from a hopeless bog
Of selfishness, He made a dog.

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