May 1939

We have a certain neighbor
Who has the run-in-itis;
But she's so very charming
That her comings-in delight us.
Her presence brings out gallantry
In boys, (and Husband, too)
Who stoop to take her rubbers off,
Or tie her dainty shoe.
She loves to play an instrument,
And favors my Krakauer;
When I am busy, she will sit
And play it by the hour.

Sometimes her stay is very brief -
For she has children seven,
And they're her greatest earthly care
And joy this side of heaven;
Allergic to all sorts of ills -
Like measles, mumps and fever -
And when wee Susie gets a cold,
She really cannot leave her.
Being whimsical, she picks
Out queer names for her clan,
Like "Punkin-Wiener" "Freckle-Face"
And "Jerry Porkupan."
In spite of her eccentric ways,
Our neighbor we adore,
For these are just her dollies;
and wee Lynn is only four!

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