A Mother's Plaint
(published at a later date in the Cleveland Press, date unknown)

The spring thaw has come - and the ground is all wet;
The mud oozes up everywhere,
Two rollicking boys and a young woolly pup
Track in mud, Ďtill Iím quite in despair.

Just a dash for a drink, or the archery set,
Or the marbles cached in the buffet;
And dirt paths zig-zag through the house Iíve just cleaned;
And helpless, Iím filled with dismay.

But hark! weary mother! The years are not long
'till those boisterous feet will gain poise,
And tread, all love-laden, to some other door;
Then, what of the mud? and the Boys?

Ah, come in, my laddies, and donít mind the tracks,
My broom and mop-handle are light;
And so is my heart - for weíve got you safe home.
Let me tuck you in snug for the night.

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