"Happy New Year!" we shout to the man in the street;
"Happy New Year!" we sing to all friends that we meet. -
Happy New Year! As glib as a "Hi" or "Hello!" -
As transient as showers or a light winter's snow.
How deep is our wish? And how high is our goal?
How much can we share with a less lucky soul? -
Not gold - but the gift of a knowledge of God;

The dear ways of Jesus - the path that He trod;
Of an unselfish mother's endowment so rare, -
Of the jewels of sweat and a dad's silent prayer;
Of the gems handed us by a friend passing by. -
Of the talents God gave us to USE - MULTIPLY.
Oh, the wealth we possess! If we give with good cheer,
Then this may be truly a Happy New Year.

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