Groundhog Day, 1950

Is it cloudy out your way?
Or did the groundhog find today
His shadow on the snow - or grass?
Ah, if he did - alas! alas!
You know full well you have in store
A wintry time of six weeks more.

Now, as for Cleveland - pardon me
If I seem full of fiendish glee -
Our weather man is very kind;
No shadow could the woodchuck find
(Unless he stayed up late at night,
And flirted with a gay street light).

"Procrastination", my arch foe,
Is also hiding in the show
This week - or in some ground hog's hole -
Or buried with a cat named "Pole".
Oh, may he stay there evermore,
And let me do my weekly chore
With carefree mind that tackles rhyme -
Like this - two days ahead of time.

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