Oh, sing a song to Carotene, a goddess quite as fair
As June, Venus, Ceres, or Diana - swift as air
In golden yellow robes she comes - and those who see her pass,
Observe her pouring something into every blade of grass,
And into every leafy vegetable - of good and lasting flavor;
Of these the lowly carrot is the one she seems to favor -
Her only beneficiary (thus far to be found)

Who carries her gold fluid in his chalice in the ground.
Every bird or beast (some fish) eats grass - and thanks the giver.
He takes the excess vitamin, and stores it in his liver.
The tiny surface fish eat sea-weed, kissed by Carotene;
The larger fellows - just below - eat these fish. So 'tis seen
That, down and down - to ocean depths - the biggest eat the "bigger,"
And gobble up the vitamins - to give them vim and vigor.
The priceless vitamin called A - to fight Old Man Infection,
Who fears the goddess Carotene, and flees in great dejection.
A healthy race, a better world tomorrow may be seen,
If we accept and use the gift of Goddess Carotene.

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