You don't believe in miracles? Ah,
yes you do. You really must.
You see bright gardens flourish
where was once but desert dust.
Radio and television? They are
miracles for sure;
Atom-power as yet undreamed of -
in the hands of men mature -
Planes that break the sonic wall
are made by beings we call 'men'.
One whole grove is filled with music
from the throat of a tiny wren.

Love is life's great unseen miracle,
ennobling human hearts, -
Making angels out of devils,
mapping lives by Heaven's charts.
Of all wonders, seen or unseen, on
this wicked, wondrous earth
Is God's handiwork - through two
parents; 'tis the miracle of birth.
You believe in ageless miracles? Of
course. And I, for one,
Gaze in reverential wonder at our
tiny new grandson.

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